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Put a pin in it: Gen Z and Millennials do not understand office lingo

Just like older workers aren’t entirely sure what’s going on with the Tik Tok these days, Gen Z and Millennial workers often feel left out of their co-workers’ conversations to the point of not always fully understanding what common work-related phrases happen to be.

Here are the TOP TEN PHRASES that the younger workers are having trouble grasping:

  • boiling the ocean
  • herding cats
  • ducks in a row
  • move the needle
  • run it up the flagpole
  • drinking the Kool-Aid
  • out of pocket
  • building the plane while flying it
  • throwing spaghetti at the wall
  • juice worth the squeeze

There’s nothing wrong with a little jargon in the workplace to keep people on their toes. Web Watch is going to purposefully utilize ALL these phrases in every meeting, because that’ll be half the fun.