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Should Men’s Underpants have Pockets?

Women have been complaining about the lack of pockets in their clothing for decades.

Meanwhile, men are getting pockets in places they never knew they needed them before! Men even have pockets INSIDE of other pockets! It’s like Inception, but with pockets!

Hanes (and other manufacturers) have decided that men’s underwear needs pockets.


And as an added bonus, these men’s boxer briefs also feature a convenient side utility pocket to help keep your valuables close and secure.

SIDE POCKET – Convenient utility side pocket provides a handy spot for small essentials.

From a practical viewpoint, this might be a worthwhile addition for folks who wear pocket-less running shorts for a 5K and are looking for a place to hold a car key or cellphone without having to deal with a fanny pack.

Or perhaps it’s an alternative to a moneybelt while travelling, to dissuade pickpockets.

We would just hate to be the person who has to reach into their pants to grab their cellphone while in public. That could get awkward.

How do YOU feel about having an underpants pocket? Is it something that’s been missing from men’s fashion? Would you go out of your way to buy these because of the pocket?