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How long could you go without washing your underpants?

The “no wash movement” is sweeping the countryside, as people are seeing no need to wash their clothes as often as they used to. Face it – if you’re not leaving the house on a daily basis, does it matter if you’re wearing the same shirt, shorts, socks more than one day in a row?

Web Watch has previously written about how often women wash their bras, but underpants are a different topic altogether. And while the contestants on the TV show SURVIVOR have figured out how to get a month’s worth of wear from their one pair of underwear, they’ve also complained about it being a bit unsanitary and perhaps a contributor to post-Survivor UTIs.

Denim is a different story — Levis even says that you don’t need to wash your jeans very often, as your pants will look/feel better over time if you don’t.

Still, saving money and saving time/effort by not washing clothes seems to be a thing. One person says they “don’t wash socks anymore”, and by having low standards, they’re able to wear the same underwear for more than a week at a time.

One person says she gets 20-30 wears out of her clothes before sending them to the wash.

So the question to our Web Watch readers is: what’s the longest you’ve gone without washing YOUR underpants? Are you a part of the “no wash” movement?