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It may be totally genetic as to why you’re underpaid

Do you think you deserve a raise?

We all do, at some point. We think we don’t earn as much as other people in our office, all for doing the same job for less pay.

But really, when it comes down to it – maybe the reason you’re not earning the same as your co-workers has nothing to do with your winning personality.

Maybe it’s something you were born with.

Lefties: The Origins and Consequences of Being Left-Handed
Lefties: The Origins and Consequences of Being Left-Handed

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10% of all African-Americans may be surprised by this one fact

Most people have a fairly good idea of who they are and where they come from.

The traditional family structure is typically in place, with family members across the board getting together at some point in their lives: parents, brothers, sisters naturally. Grandparents, usually.  Great-grandparents becoming a bit more rare, but still often seen.  Cousins, uncles abound.  Great-great-grandparents can be a bit tougher to gather for a party – but it certainly could happen.  Going back in time further than that generation, you’ll rely on geneology records and stories handed down throw family’s joint recollections.