How To Recycle Your Adult “Toys”

By web gangsta | Published:

We can all agree that recycling is a good thing.

Web Watch fully supports not throwing computers and other electronics away to rot in a landfill, when they can be properly dismanteled and have parts reused or disposed of in an environmentally-safe manner.

That said, it appears that some companies take this recycling thing just a bit too far by requesting that we recycle EVERYTHING.

Including adult toys and novelties.This is why adult toy “home party” company DREAMSCAPES has extended their brand to include a way for people to RECYCLE THEIR SEX TOYS.

From all the used adult toys that get sent back to Dreamscapes, they claim that 90% of the material is recyclable – this includes rubber, silicone, hard plastics, metals, motors, and packaging.

No word on what household products these returned items get recycled into.  Who knows?  That plastic water bottle you’re drinking out of right now could have begun life as an adult toy.

Dreamscapes does offer some additional tips for consenting adults to Go Green on their site, including:

  • Use candles instead of overhead lighting.  It saves energy, and creates a more romantic mood
  • Don’t try to join the Mile-High Club.  Take the train instead.
  • Look for toys that are 100% surgical silicone, glass or metal – these are all chemical free, hypoallergenic and recyclable.