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The Bra Strap Police

Do you suffer from “Ugly Bra Strap Syndrome”?

Once regulated to mere underwear, never to be seen bra straps have been peeking out from celebrity clothing more and more over the past few years.

And Margarita Reis, owner of bra company Margaria Couture, says that all these exposed bra straps are, well, getting a bit out of hand.

That’s why she is encouraging celebrities to go the fashion route and replace the standard bra straps with ones that are a bit more decorative.

BRASTRAPS.COM is a website that sells a wide range of bra straps:  clear plastic, colored, covered with Swarovski crystals — whatever it takes to make a displayed bra more fashionable.  She asks that if you see a celebrity with an ugly bra strap showing, that you report them to the Bra Strap Police on her website.