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How to escape the police in a high-speed car chase

Lego City Police Chase 3648
Lego City Police Chase 3648

Web Watch would never suggest that you ever evade the police by providing this information to our readers.

Think of this merely as an explanation of how all those criminals manage to escape getting into police custody in those high-action summer movies.

You, being a law-abiding citizen, would pull over immediately upon seeing the flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror, right?  Right.

So here’s some tips from “former patrol officers” and others as to HOW TO ESCAPE THE POLICE IN A HIGH-SPEED CAR CHASEWeb Watch makes no promises as to the validity of the following.  You’re on your own if you get yourself in a situation that requires you to put these tips into practice:

  • Only get involved in a police chase when you’re in a jurisdiction that has a strict pursuit policy.  Many car chases are simply called off if the target criminal is not a DUI or a violent felony.
  • Head towards the airport – that will minimize any helicopter or other aerial assistance from joining in
  • Be in a decent car with good handling and high-performance tires.  You want acceleration, cornering ability.  It helps to have a full tank of gas
  • Know your territory.  If you don’t know the roads, you’ll find yourself trapped.  Think about how knowing all those back roads helped Bo and Luke Duke get away all the time
  • Try using a motorcycle instead of a car.  It’s easier to ditch if you have to take off on foot.