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TrapCall – Caller ID Unblocker

It’s quite possible that TRAPCALL will be disbanded in the near future due to privacy concerns, but until that happens cellphone users who hate answering calls from blocked or private numbers may have a workaround.

TrapCall is free, and is currently available only to AT&T and T-Mobile users (with others signing on soon).

If you have your phone blocked to Caller ID, have you noticed that when you call your credit card company (or other 1-800 number), that they know your number? This is the loophole that TrapCall takes advantage of to expose a blocked number to the recipient.

All a TrapCall customer needs to do is forward those blocked number calls to TrapCall. The call then gets looped back to the cellphone, with the caller’s number displayed.

Time will tell how long TrapCall will be allowed to be active.

The company behind TrapCall has been thrown in hot water before with their phone number manipulation tricks – they have a way to fake the Caller ID display to be any number the caller would like it to be. But the company has come under fire for this product as it began to be used for crime, felonious pranks, and identify theft.