Jogging may be good for you, but you look like hell doing it

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Jogging may be good for you, but people who do it really look like hell while doing so.

Have you ever taken a good look at yourself while you’re exercising?  Web Watch has.  There’s a reason why we don’t work out any place where we can be seen – it’s just not a pretty thing to watch.

That’s why we really shouldn’t be surprised at the POST-RUN PHOTO ESSAY compiled by Sacha Goldberger.

In these photos, Sacha asked random people he saw running through a Parisian park if he could take their photo.

Right then, right now.

All stinky, sweaty, and out of breath.  Yeah, exactly when you’d want to have your picture taken.

But Sacha was kind.  He wanted to combine those icky photos with ones that were taken a week later.  Pictures of the same people, but after they’ve been given appropriate time to clean themselves up and look presentable for the camera.

A before-and-after photoshoot, if you will.

These photos give new meaning to “you sure clean up well”.  And reminds Web Watch that sweat doesn’t look good on anyone.