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What’s your New Year’s Resolution going to be?

It’s getting to be about that time of year, where everyone stops celebrating the holidays and starts looking more towards things that they can do to improve their lives in the upcoming year.

Many experts all say the same thing — you shouldn’t be worried about making a New Year’s Resolution, but rather make yourself a New Year’s Commitment.

The difference is that commitments are more binding, mentally and physically, over a mere resolution where you try to achieve something that may or may not happen.   It’s all about committing to your stated goal, forcing that new habit to take effect.  A resolution?  Beh.


So what are you looking to do for your commitment for next year?  ACCORDING TO THIS SURVEY by Lifetime Fitness for COMMITMENT DAY, the following responses were received:

  • 3% of people were willing to give up sex to maintain an ideal weight forever; 6% would give up their cell phones.
  • 22% would go without makeup to maintain an ideal weight forever
  • 59% would give up being on social media for the same reason

Here’s the problem with that last one:  you’re saying that 60% of those on social media would forfeit being on social media in order to be an ideal weight for the rest of their lives?  WHO ARE THEY GOING TO TELL ABOUT IT?  Totally seems counter-productive, if you ask us.

As for the other categories of commitments being made, based on the survey:

  • 75% are going to improve their overall fitness
  • 12% were going to work on improving their career
  • 10% wanted to spend more time with family