The 2010 ZWACK Air Hockey World Championships: July 15-18 in Houston

Dynamo Air Hockey Table
Dynamo Air Hockey Table

The 2010 ZWACK AIR HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS will take place on July 15-18 in Houston, Texas.

The only sanctioning body for competitive air hockey, the UNITED STATES AIR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION, has been hosting air hockey tournaments for over 30 years.

How serious do real air hockey players take their sport?  Here are some of the OFFICIAL AIR HOCKEY RULES that you may not already be aware of. 

  • After each game, players will alternate tablesides.
  • The puck cannot be “topped” by lifting the mallet and placing it on the top of the puck. This cannot be done at any time whether before a serve or after a serve during play. Violation constitutes a foul. Using the mallet to bring an airborne puck to the table or opponent’s goal is not a topping violation no matter which side or edge of the puck is contacted.
  • A player has seven (7) seconds to execute a shot, which crosses the centerline. The seven (7) seconds begins as soon as the puck enters and remains on that player’s side of the centerline. Violation of this rule is a foul.
  • A player may stand anywhere around the table on his/her side of the centerline. He/she may not stand past that line.
  • If a score occurs after the table loses power, the point will count only if the puck was struck prior to the table losing power
  • Distractive Noise: Talking to an opponent, a spectator, a referee, or oneself during play may be penalized by a foul. Loud noises and excessive screaming can also be considered distracting. A referee may warn a player before calling a foul at his/her discretion. Intentional or excessive, distractive talking may be penalized by a “conduct warning” in addition to a foul. Possible distraction violations, which directly lead to a score or a change of possession, should be scrutinized more seriously by a referee when determining whether to ignore, warn or penalize the potential violation.

Web Watch will admit that we always thought that “topping” was a valid air hockey play.  We stand corrected.

The 2010 Air Hockey World Championship press release after the break.

Zwack, the national shot of Hungary, is excited to announce that the best of the best air hockey players will compete at the 2010 Zwack Air Hockey World Championships July 15-18, 2010 in Houston.

The 2010 Zwack Air Hockey World Championships, open to both amateurs and experts, will feature 16 Valley-Dynamo air hockey tables and competitions for doubles and single team play.

The Power Doubles and Amateur Doubles tournaments will be held on July 16, and the singles tournaments will cover two days beginning on July 17.  On July 18, the 2010 Zwack Air Hockey Champions will meet for a double elimination competition to establish the 2010 champion.

“Together with Texas Air Hockey Group, and support from Major League Air Hockey, we expect the largest crowd in the event’s 32 year history,” said Seth Yassky, Zwack Brand Manager for Diageo.  “We are pleased to introduce Zwack to the air hockey community, and look forward to responsibly celebrating the best players in the world.”

Sanctioned as an international level event by the United States Airhockey Association (USAA), all competitions will take place at SRO Sports Bar and Cafe in Houston. Since its inception in 1975, the USAA has sanctioned championship air hockey each year, crowning 12 different champions over 30 years. The USAA remains at present the only recognized worldwide player organization for Air Hockey.

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