Cheer for Science! Cheer for Cheerleaders! Hooray for Science Cheerleaders!

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader outfit
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Outfit

Ever wonder what professional sports cheerleaders do in their real lives?

Because they certainly can’t make a living on PROFESSIONAL CHEERLEADING alone, making from $50-$100 per game each season, you’re going to need something else to fall back on to support yourself. 

Like a “real” job.

And to prove that your standard cheerleader is more than just a pretty face, along comes a site like SCIENCE CHEERLEADER, which showcases those cheerleaders that we see on the sidelines every game that have gone on to bigger and better things — like getting multiple degrees in sciences.

Take, for example, Allison. She has dual degrees in biology and chemistry, and used to cheer for the Philadelphia Eagles.  And there are more smart and enterprising cheerleaders out there, just like Allison.

So why have a site like Science Cheerleaders in the first place?  It’s not just about showing how it’s cool to be cool and still love science. Web Watch will let the founder of Science Cheerleaders, Darlene Cavalier, tell us why it’s important to show that not all cheerleaders are ditzes:

Their goal is to challenge the stereotypical image of female scientists as pale, frumpy, lab rats and show young girls that all of their dreams can come true.

As many dads have told their sons: “pretty AND smart?  You need to marry that girl, pronto!”