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Life in the air: Funny Airplane Pilot Stories

Not every office is as entertaining as others, but a job is only a job if you aren’t able to find some humor in it.

Some jobs lend themselves to storytelling more than others, and this is one story-filled website (and book!) that we’ve stumbled upon for your amusement.

4-Day Follies
4-Day Follies: A year in the life of an airplane pilot

Funny Travel

This is the funniest thing you’ll read today

You’re about to read a very funny story.

It involves a plane, lots of business associates, and some very unfortunate timing.

Matter of Time Instant Privacy Pop Up Shelter
Matter of Time Instant Privacy Pop Up Shelter

All we can tell you is that THIS WILL BE THE FUNNIEST (albeit gross) STORY YOU’LL READ TODAY.

To tell you anything more would be ruining the joy of the storytelling.  Be sure to read it out loud at your next dinner party, it’s that entertaining.

The question for Web Watch readers is: what would you do if you found yourself in that same situation?  Leave your ideas and suggestions below…


Would you rather use the bathroom or have Internet access?

When was the last time you flew on an airplane?

If you’re a recent traveller, then you already know all the ins-and-outs of airplane features and add-on costs. You carry your own luggage, bring your own snack, supply your own headphones.

For you, the airplane is merely a means of getting from Point A to Point B, and isn’t intended to be a luxurious place to relax for a few hours.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

10 Things How To Travel

How to avoid getting sick when travelling by plane


It’s the holiday travel season, and tons of Web Watch readers are going to find themselves flying on a crowded plane, more than likely sitting next to somebody who’s just getting over the flu.

It’s like the giant lottery of luck, who you get to sit next to on the plane. Everybody eyes the other people at the terminal, wondering who gets to be lucky enough to sit next to that young attractive man or woman while avoiding eye contact with that overweight, unwashed hairy dude wearing a torn muscle shirt.


10 Things Travel

The Airline Passenger’s Bill of Rights

The Air Traveler's Survival Guide: The Plane Truth From 35,000 Feet
Buy “The Air Traveler’s Survival Guide: The Plane Truth From 35,000 Feet”

Web Watch loves to travel, but we hate having to share our travelling space with strangers who don’t understand the RULES OF TRAVELLING.

It can be the basics – such as “don’t touch our luggage at baggage claim”, or “don’t hog all the electrical outlets at the airport”.

But it can also be the more courteous items, such as “don’t power-lean your airplane seat back onto our laptop so it cracks the screen.”  Yes, this has happened to us, and the airline says that there’s nothing they can do as it wasn’t their fault for the other passenger’s stupidity, negligence, and overall inconsideration.

There’s a reason why a product like KNEE DEFENDERS exists – it’s not to be rude to our fellow passengers by preventing them from relaxing, but it’s to protect our fellow passengers from pissing us off.  It ends up being a much more pleasant travelling experience for all involved when these are in play.