How to play sports naked

According to a CNN article, there’s an AUSTRALIAN NUDE GOLF group that rents out a golf course once a year to play.

They typically don’t have an issue playing golf naked (except for that one guy who chose to carry his clubs rather than use a cart. But we digress.

The biggest revelation in this story about naked golfers is buried deep in the story content: if you’re going to row across the ocean, you’ll want to pack light – “rowing naked” is the name of the game around those parts:

One all female crew discovered that the secret to ease the physical burden of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean was to do it naked.

Skipper of the Row for Freedom team Debbie Beadletold CNN Sport that sea water seeping inside your clothes increases the friction against your skin, causing sores but rowing naked gives you the ability to dry quicker, instead of having wet clothes.



Proof that you can pee in the ocean

Web Watch knows that swimming in the ocean isn’t for everyone.  If you think about it, you’re swimming in the same water that billions (billions of trillions?) of fish use as their personal bathroom every day.

Have you ever wondered why the ocean water is unusually warm on some days compared to others?  It’s not because the sun warms the water — it’s because there’s more fresh pee in your immediate area than normal.

Open Water Swimming Manual: An Expert's Survival Guide for Triathletes and Open Water Swimmers
Open Water Swimming Manual:
An Expert’s Survival Guide for Triathletes and Open Water Swimmers