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3 Reasons Why Women Are No Longer Sunbathing Topless

Have you ever been to a topless beach?

Perhaps this is a better question: have you ever been to a topless beach so that you could sunbathe topless yourself?

Chances are – especially if you’re reading this in the US — is that you haven’t experienced the joys of European Sunbathing (as it’s known in Las Vegas).  Unless you count that one time in Cancun where nobody knew who you were and you only did it on a dare from your drunk sorority sister.

The Risks of Sunbathing Topless: And Other Funny Stories from the Road
The Risks of Sunbathing Topless:
And Other Funny Stories from the Road

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10 Most Annoying Beach / Sunbathing Activities

What do you like to do when you go to the beach on vacation?

Are you a total sunbather, just hanging out on your lounge and never going into the water?  Or are you a more active person, playing volleyball, surfing, digging sand castles?

Different people like to do different things while at the beach – but everyone needs to remember that the beach is a shared experience, and you don’t want to do anything to be THAT guy (or THAT girl) while hanging out on a beautiful day.

Sunbathing Mr Potato Head
Sunbathing Mr Potato Head

Funny News

Police investigate topless woman’s sunscreen method

Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen)
Buy EVERYBODY’S FREE (to wear sunscreen)

In Italy in summer of 2010, a topless woman was casually applying sunscreen to herself as she laid on the beach.

Why? Because that’s what people do while at the beach. 

Especially when one is topless.  Sensitive skin, and all that.

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Trouble applying sunscreen while at the beach by yourself? Just ask for someone to DO MY BACK

Lotion Applicator
Don’t buy THIS Lotion Applicator…
check out the one below instead:

We’ve all been to the pool or the beach, with the hot sun blazing down. In one hand is a tube of sunblock, and the other just doesn’t reach all the way around to those special places where the sun actually does shine… a little too much.

So what’s a person to do?

You can do what Kate Slavin did after she ended a 2-year romantic relationship — she designed a product to allow herself to DO MY BACK without anyone else’s help.

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Beach survey says going topless is acceptable. Men in Speedos? Not so much

Beach Blanket Bingo
Beach Blanket Bingo

Just in time for the holiday weekend, travel website conducted a survey of over 1,100 people on the topic of beach/pool etiquette

What they found should not be a surprise to you: