Flash Fun: The Bruce Lee Ultimate Movie Trailer Remixer

We’ve all seen those classic Bruce Lee movies, with all the thumping music, quick camera cuts, and superimposed text graphics. THE ULTIMATE BRUCE LEE MOVIE TRAILER REMIXER gives you a chance to create your own movie trailer loop using music, graphics, and video cuts recreated from those movies you loved watching late at night on TV.


The Calories Burned Calculator

Although there are those who argue that “calories don’t count,” most experts I’ve spoken with — and trust me, I’ve spoken with quite a few — all agree that 3,500 calories equals a pound of fat.

So dieting is easy: all you have to do is reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories a day, and — over time — you’ll find yourself losing about a pound a week.

Sounds easy, right?  Your first step is to know approximately how many calories it takes to sustain your weight.  That, of course, varies depending on your age, gender and activity level.

So all you need to do to get a precise estimate of what those numbers are, you can enter how many hours you do specific activities at THE CALORIES BURNED CALCULATOR

The list of activities is pretty expansive, and includes such activities as playing guitar, playing frisbee, brushing your teeth, horse grooming, and mopping.  Even sex is broken out to “intercourse” and “foreplay” categories.  Yup, they’ve thought of everything!


Music Royalty Calculator

Calculating the money made in a record deal can be overly complicated.  Does the artist make a ton of money as soon as they’re signed?  Not necessarily.

Check out the MOSES AVALON MUSIC ROYALTY CALCULATOR to see if you’re getting screwed before you sign your band away.

All you need to know is:

  • Advances
    • how much the advance is
    • retail price of the record. CD pricing averages to around $11.98 apiece, and indie record deals expect that 80% of your sales to come from CDs.
    • What the royalty paid to you is
    • How big a promotional budget will you have?  This is monty that is coming directly out of your pocket, so spend wisely.
  • Producer’s payout.
    • Royalty
    • Producer paid from record one
  • Label costs
    • Packaging deductions
    • Breakage
    • Percentage of Sales royalties are calculated on

The calculator will determine, based on the info you’ve provided, how much money is made on each actual sale and how many sales you need to have before you start making money.  Of course, this is only going to be a rough estimate – your actual successes may vary.


Moving and Career-related Calculators

Check out for various moving- and career-related calculators.

Figure out if the city you are moving to has a different cost-of-living, check out schools, compare your salary from one city to another, find a moving company — if you’re relocating, this should be a site to check out.

Funny Websites

The Rock Band Name Generator

Ever sit around the bar with your buddies and say, “hell, we should totally have a band!  What should we call ourselves?”  And then you sit there and wonder what the band will be called?

Well wonder no longer, as the ROCK BAND NAME GENERATOR is here, generating such classic names as the DIRT DEVIL FLAB ROLLS, MUCUS WHITE TRASH, or even JACKASSERY ON A NICE GRANOLA LOAF.  Rock on!

(Note: original link updated)


Open Records is a clearinghouse for all types of government-released records and reports, available to everyone.

They do have one section that does help those who are looking to move to a new city or neighborhood, and that is a link to US States Sex Offenders Registries, as broken out into both a national registry as well as state-by-state.  Not all states report information in the same way, but you should be able to pull reports by ZIP code for most of them.

 Other helpful databases linked here include the HOLOCAUST SEARCHABLE DATABASE, DALLAS RESTAURANT HEALTH SCORES, and a list of STOLEN IRAQI ARTIFACTS.  Sure, some lists will be more useful than others, but the concept is the same.

How To Websites

The Best Way to Mail a Love Letter

If you are a true romantic, try having your valentines mailed via  WITH LOVE FROM LOVELAND, a service located in Loveland, Colorado, located 30 miles northeast of Boulder.  When the letters are remailed, they’ll be sent from the “sweetheart city” of the United States.

The Loveland Valentine Remailing Program started in 1947. It handles 300,000 valentines every year, going to all 50 states and 104 foreign countries. If you would like to have your valentine card stamped with the official Loveland Colorado cache and stamp:

  • place your valentines in pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelopes (envelopes should each have 42-cent postage; postcards should have appropriate postage)
  • add extra stamps/postage for heavier/odd shaped valentines
  • mail everything in a large stamped envelope to:Postmaster
    Valentine Re-mailing
    446 E. 29th St.
    Loveland, CO 80538

Deadlines for delivery by Valentines Day, Feb. 14:

  • For international destinations, you cards should be in Loveland by Feb. 3.
  • For within U.S. and outside of Colorado, your cards should be in Loveland by Feb. 8.
  • For within the state of Colorado, your cards should be in Loveland by Feb. 12.
Funny News Websites

Does Santa Exist? The Physics of Santa Claus

Scientists have decided to prove conclusively whether SANTA CLAUS CAN PHYSICALLY EXIST or not, based on proven scientific method.

You will have to visit the site to see how they handled their calculations, but they figured out approximately how many homes Santa has to visit in a given evening (91.8 million), the number of total hours Santa has to work with due to the earth’s rotation (31 hours), giving us the total number of house visits that Santa would need to make per second (822.4).

Of course, they’ve also determined that Santa would need 214,200 flying reindeer, not the Super Original Eight Reindeer (let’s face it – Rudolph never was able to pull his own weight, he was mere decoration at the front of the hood).

The scientiest final conclusion is not a pretty one, after they added up all the math and determined the “best case” scenarios — all documented, of course.  But you’ll have to click over there to see what they came up with.