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What your cat’s meow means

Do you know what your cat wants?

Yes, every cat basically wants to be left alone – we’re only there to provide food, water, and occasionally clean their litter box.  We are there to cater to a cat’s needs.

But once in a while, a cat will deem it necessary to communicate with their human caretaker.

Cat Butt Magnets
Cat Butt Magnets

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Bella and Kitty lead the list of Top Pet Names for 2012

Naming your new puppy or kitten is a pseudo-exact science.

Some people let their kids name the pets, as that’s a way to encourage ownership with the kids and hopefully force them to remember to feed or clean up after their new furry companion.  (Ha! Likely not to happen, but it’s worth a shot – right, parents?)

Others base the names they select off the pet’s coloring (black cats would be “Smokey” or “Shadow”. Spotted dogs would be, well, “Spot”)

And others may decide to name their pets after their own favorite hobbies.  Which may explain why there are so many pets named after either spices or alcohol.

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Why every office should be filled with kittens and puppies

Are you watching the current BRAVO TV program LOLWORK?

It’s a reality TV program that allegedly shows the real-world behind-the-scenes workings of how the Cheezburger Network — home toLOL CATSand millions of other funny animal pictures and videos — does business.

While most the show appears to be purposefully driven to make what is supposed to be good TV, there are specific business-aspects that get aired that really for-real give a reasonable peek behind the curtain of what it takes to run a popular content-driven website.

Watching LOLWORK will give you a good reminder that it’s always hard work to create good, compelling CONTENT for your website, but that it’s that same content that also brings eyeballs to your site in the first place.  Focus on the content, let everything else fall into place later.

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Cat Website Fun! (but apparently not if you use Internet Explorer)

Here’s something silly. Enjoy!


Feeling lonely, men? Guess what – women prefer to sleep with their pets

Web Watch knows a lot of women who love their pets. A lot.

We know that they dote on their pets to such a great extent, that the pets are truly part of the family – even to the extent that these women would rather spend time with their pets than go on a date.

To them, their pets will always come first.

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Looking for a new pet? Try this color-coded pet matching service!

You would love to have a new pet. 

You’ve always loved dogs and cats, but now that you’re a little bit older and settled into your personal lifestyle, maybe it’s time to take another look at what would be the best pet for you.

Besides – you would hate to go to your local pet shop or adoption shelter and pick a new companion without having any idea of whether that animal would fit in with your expectations.

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Which is the more popular pet: cats or dogs?

Cat Dog Plush
Nickelodeon CatDog Plush

You may think you know, because you are either a cat person or a dog person — but let’s put you to the test:


First, since we know you’re going to ask — the APPA is the American Pet Products Association, and they’ve been doing an annual National Pet Owners Survey since 1998.  So they kinda know what they’re talking about when it comes to America’s pets.

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Video Fun: Animals Doing Funny Stuff

Today is a day for a good laugh.


Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway (the original source)

Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway (the music video)