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Wedding Statistics

From a list of statistics in the September 1993 issue of Glamour Magazine…

  1. Most marriages occur in June. The least number of marriages occur in January.
  2. If you are 18 and over, you have a 64% chance of marrying.
  3. Men are 37% more likely than women to remain single – at least until age 55.
  4. If you are a professional woman, you have a 55% chance you will find love in your office. And, love that starts at work tends to last longer than romance that originates in a single’s bar or health club.
  5. Men and women’s peak years for marrying are between 25 and 29. In second place for women: the years 20 to 24. In second place for men: 30 to 34.
  6. Women have a 33% chance of marrying a younger man. This is considerably higher than ten years ago.
  7. The chances of a marriage enduring forever are slim. Median duration of a marriage in the U.S. is 7 years.
  8. Marriage after divorce?: Women have a 78% chance of remarrying, while men have an 83% chance. 7% of women will remarry within 1 year, 35.7% within 3 years, and 49.4% within 5 years.
  9. Women whose parents are divorced have 50% more likely to divorce than women whose parents stayed together. For men, there is a 23% greater likelihood.
  10. Premarital cohabitation increases the chance of divorce by 80%. Some sociologists say this means that couples who lived together may not feel as “bound” by their vows.
  11. People who marry at 24 are more likely to divorce than those who marry at 34. The divorce rate is particularly high for men and women who marry in their twenties, and declines steadily thereafter.
  12. Your chances of marrying someone from another race are less than 1 in 50.
  13. Only 6% of divorced women collect alimony.
  14. In this age of AIDS, single women between 18 and 44 are sexually more active.
  15. The immune systems of married women function better than those of unmarried women thereby lowering the risk of AIDS. Happy marriages produce even healthier immune systems.
  16. 85% of divorced or separated women say they are happy with their single status, while only 58% of the men are happy with theirs.
  17. Women who are romance novel addicts have sex 74% more often than women who read less stimulating material.
  18. American made condoms have a 12% failure rate while foreign models have a 21% rupture rate.
  19. 50% of single women approve of premarital sex.
  20. Only 12% of women who are able to become pregnant are using no contraception.
10 Things

Wedding Trivia

  • For the year of 1994, more than 10 percent of the expected 2.4 million weddings in the U.S. will take place in June. The month’s popularity for weddings dates back to ancient Rome, which worshiped Juno, the patroness of
  • women and protector of marriages. These days though, slightly more weddings occur in August.
  • Size of the U.S. bridal market: $35 billion.
  • Average total spending for a formal wedding: $17,470.
  • Bride’s gown: $850. Groom’s tuxedo (rental): $110. Honeymoon: $3,142.
  • Average number of stores a couple will visit before they decide on an engagement ring: 4.6.
  • Average age in 1955 of a couple marrying for the first time: 21.
  • Average age today of a couple wedding for the first time: 26.
  • Americans who characterize their marriage as “happy”: 97%.
  • Chances a wedding is not the first for either the bride or groom: 1 in 3.
  • Average length of a marriage ending in divorce: 7.1 years.
  • Average length 20 years ago: 6.6 years.
  • Estimated number of marriage and family therapists in the U.S.: 50,000.
  • Increase in the number of therapists in the last decade: 50%.
  • Marriages per week in Las Vegas: 1,700.
  • Marriages in Las Vegas as a percentage of all American weddings: 4%.
  • Average duration of nuptial ceremony at Las Vegas’s ‘Little White Chapel’, home of the world’s only drive-through wedding window: 7 minutes.
  • Cost for a ‘Little White Chapel’ ceremony: $30.

The Differences between Men and Women

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

News flash: Men and women are not alike! Sure, you thought you already knew that. But now we have proof! After countless hours of surveys and studies on the following topics, these facts have emerged.


A Girl’s Guide to Condoms

Girl's Guide to Dating
Girl’s Guide to Dating

Excerpt from A GIRL’S GUIDE TO CONDOMS, by Mimi Coucher

WARNING: Boys cannot read this. If you are a boy and are reading this, stop immediately. The following article is chock-full of highly intimate girl secrets that will be 10 times more embarrassing than any TV commercial for feminine-hygiene products you’ve ever seen. So quit it. I mean it. You’ll be sorry.

OLD FACT: Condoms aren’t sexy. Neither are rubbers, sheaths, prophylactics, Coney Island white fish, raincoats, skins, safes, rubber booties, socks. The package says, “Sold for the prevention of venereal disease.” The boys say, “Sold for the prevention of love”. Oft compared to taking a bath with socks on, the condom ritual was the classic bane to the romantic advances of bumbling ’50s teens.

NEW FACT: Unless you can account for all the blood transfusions, intravenous activities, and sexual escapades of your partner and your partner’s partners, you’d best get used to the idea, right now. “Say,” you blink innocently, “shouldn’t the boy be taking some responsibility for this dangerous transaction?” Yes, of course. But I wouldn’t count on it. You know how they are. And here’s a horrifying thought: not only are you protecting yourself against your partner, you’re protecting your partner against you.

Oh, cheer up. It beats abstinence.


JFK: A Question of Character

President Kennedy
President Kennedy

According to a new Nixon biography, a named Kennedy aide is quoted about the following event during the John F Kennedy/ Richard Nixon debates:

When JFK arrived at the hotel, he went to his hotel suite. In order to prepare for his upcoming televised debate with Nixon, he requested a prostitute to be sent up to his room. One of his aides set up the meeting in JFK’s hotel room. JFK came out 15 minutes later, looking flushed and relaxed. This was how he prepared for the debates, and supposedly all of his televised appearances. This is how the book explains that JFK looked so calm and relaxed on television.



Take Your Daughter To Work Day
Take Your Daughter To Work Day

In order for the boys to not feel left out, Web Watch suggests the following event:


Teach your son the pleasures and values of keeping house! Invite your son, age 8 – 14, to stay at home from school April 28.

  • Have him assist in the housework. This provides him with more exercise than the physical education he would experience at school!
  • Show him the secrets to effective shopping. Take him on the grand tour of the supermarket and the shopping mall. Teach him how to clip and sort coupons, and the excitement of scanning the newspaper circulars for grocery bargains!
  • Instruct him on how to cook a gourmet dinner. He will learn about good nutrition, and he’ll be well rewarded for having dinner ready when the women come home!
  • And, of course, there’s the soap opera break!