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The 2020 World Video Game Hall of Fame Winners

Earlier this month, the WORLD VIDEO GAME HALL OF FAME announced its winning candidates for their 2020 induction ceremony.

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How to make a guaranteed Oscar-winning film

How hard can it be to make an Academy Award winning film?

Lots of people have Oscar awards.  Some are honorary, others are earned.  Some are from the National Academy, others are from regional or state Acadamies.  Still, no matter how it’s obtained, an Oscar is an Oscar.

Not an Oscar Award(Not) An Academy Award

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Eating milk chocolate makes you stupid

Another entry from the YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT department – parents should stop telling their children that they’re eating too much chocolate, and instead should encourage them to eat as much chocolate as they’d like.

Why? Their future education and success depends on it.

Ghirardelli Intense Dark Premium Dark Chocolate
Ghirardelli Intense Dark Premium Dark Chocolate

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The 12 Best Movies of All Time (according to Quentin Tarantino)

Whether you like Quentin Tarantino’s work or not, you should be able to appreciate his contributions to Hollywood are incredible.

From Pulp Fiction to Kill Bill and everything else he’s worked on before and after, Tarantino has influenced the traditional movie-making process and proven that the best film study class can produce an Academy Award winning director.

Of course, Quentin’s “film study class” was “watching every film available at the video rental store”, but who hasn’t binge watched a VHS shelf or Netflix queue before?  The difference is that when video stores were omnipresent, the only way to judge a movie was by its packaging. Sometimes you’d win, sometimes you’d find a real clunker.  But it really was more hit than miss.

But in today’s Internet world, it’s easier to dismiss films that others say may not be worth watching. Will Netflix users produce the next Tarantino? One’s gut would say “yes”, but the likelihood of Netflix being the sole reason for that person’s success in the same vein that Tarantino had working at the video store is rather slim.

In the Blink of an Eye
In the Blink of an Eye

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Oscars

The Academy Awards are an interesting concept.

It’s not unusual for participants in an individual industry to receive awards for outstanding work in their respective fields. Web Watch is no stranger to this, having received a few well-deserved (if we do say so ourselves) awards ourselves over the years.

But the Academy Awards – the Oscars  – and its brethren the Emmys, Tonys, and to a lesser extent the Grammys – that EGOT quad-award — are as unique an award presentation as any.

Not because there is such a thing as recognition of an acting job done better than others, but it’s the sheer over-the-top spectacle of a single industry celebrating the “art of making movies” (or TV shows, or Broadway productions, or music) where they believe that the entire world wants to see them present each other with awards for being able to cry convincingly on camera under a set of hot lights.

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Why are animated FILMS never nominated for Best Director or acting awards?

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3

It’s a completely legitimate question, especially as Pixar continues its stellar run of high-quality animated entertainment.

There’s a reason why TOY STORY 3 is nominated for Best Picture this year.  There’s a reason why UP was nominated for Best Picture last year.  There’s a reason why WALL-E‘s lack of a Best Picture nomination forced the Academy to increase the number of eligible Best Picture nominees from five to 10, thus ensuring that there would be 5 more chances for an animated film to lose any chance of ever winning a Best Picture award of its own outside of the animation categories.