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Guess how many pounds of bacteria are in your body

Guess how many pounds of bacteria are in your body right now.

That’s right – we said POUNDS OF BACTERIA.

Bacteria: The Benign, the Bad, and the Beautiful
The Benign, the Bad, and the Beautiful

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Swimming pools are filled with sweat, saliva… and more

How many of Web Watch readers own a swimming pool?

Thought so.  It’s always a popular item for your FRIENDS to have, but it’s seldom something that you want to invest in yourself.  Some have said that a swimming pool is just a hole in the ground that you throw money into.  Add to the equation how hard it can be to sell a house that has a swimming pool — some people won’t mind or will openly embrace the pool being there.  Others will turn away from the pool at all costs, even if the rest of the house is perfect.

Sometimes owning a swimming pool just isn’t worth the time, hassle, and money for maintenance.

SharkVac Robot Pool Cleaner
SharkVac Robot Pool Cleaner

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Beer Pong can Kill You

As Web Watch told you earlier, BEER PONG is the MOST POPULAR DRINKING GAME around.

The premise is simple: throw a ball into a cup, make your opponent drink.  Web Watch has even been to the WORLD SERIES OF BEER PONG out in Las Vegas, and we’ll be the first to tell you that THAT event is a party and a half, even if the entry fee (including room, which cuts down on driving liability issues) starts at $500 per person.


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The most germ-filled place in your kitchen

Everybody likes to joke about how they’ll never eat at That Restaurant anymore, because that restaurant received a bad food health inspection score.

Web Watch fully subscribes to this theory, having rejected restaurant after restaurant that we used to enjoy, after they received less than 60 out of 100 possible points on inspection scores.

Look, we get it – the health inspector has a job to do to protect the public health.  But remember, whenever you see a food score – keep in mind that it was likely negotiated UP a few points.  In other words, the score of “80” that you see pasted on the wall?  Chances are it started out in the mid-60’s.


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Want to avoid getting norovirus? Stop doing laundry

If you’ve ever been sick while on vacation, you know what a horrible experience it can be.  Trust Web Watch on this, as we spent 2 miserable days holed up in our Disney hotel room on one vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth, unable to leave the relative comfort of the room for any length of time.

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

And if you’ve ever been sick while on a cruise ship where you don’t even have the luxury of finding a place to escape like you would have the opportunity to do if you were on land, then you can take the Web Watch Disney experience and multiply that by 100.

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Want to stay healthy? Stop sleeping with your pets

This year’s flu season seems to be a bit out of control, so everyone is looking for ways to stay as healthy as possible given the circumstances.

Some people are just working from home for weeks on end while the funk runs through their office co-workers.  Others are keeping their kids home from school or daycare for the same reason – which is a shock to everyone that there are people who will actually keep their kids out of school for illness reasons!

There’s the over-reliance on anti-bacterial products, using a tissue-wrapped pen to punch your ATM code into the machine, doing everything one can think of to avoid touching any potentially unclean surface that may be contaminated with another person’s germs.

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Americans do not wash their hands during flu season

The CDC says that the number one method you have at your disposal to prevent getting the flu this season is to wash your hands on a regular basis.

But apparently, Americans just don’t like to listen to common sense.

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7 Most Germ-Filled Public Surfaces You Should Avoid Touching

This year’s cold and flu season is said to be one of the worst ones in recent memory; that even with this year’s flu shot, you may still get sick with an unexpected variant that wasn’t identified early enough to make it into the vaccine.

Web Watch knows someone who – twice a day, like clockwork – wipes down their desk at work with antibacterial wipes.  Some would say that is taking being a germaphobe a bit too far. Web Watch says that they’re just being careful with their working environment.

It’s not like the old days, where parents would purposefully encourage their kids to play with other kids’ toys without first spraying them down with disinfectent – all with the goal of building and reinforcing their child’s immune system.