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A Social Media reminder from CNN

As Santa takes his final moments today to check his list twice, to see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice – it’s a perfect time to offer this friendly holiday reminder that we gleaned from CNN this week over the JUSTINE SACCO incident:

Naughty and Nice Santa Hats
Naughty and Nice Santa Hats

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Stuff you can do on the Internet in 60 seconds

How much time do you waste on the Internet every day?

Can you count your Internet time in minutes?  Hours?  Doubtful to even ask — but can you count what you do on the Internet in seconds?

1001 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet
1001 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet

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The one piece of information you should never share on social media

It’s time for Web Watch to get a little serious for a moment.  We just want to help you be a better social media user.

You can share photos of food, rant away about customers sitting next to you at a restaurant, or poke fun at the latest celebrity’s post-rehab hijinks.

But there is one item that you should avoid posting in social media at all costs.

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How to gain more Twitter followers

Are you satisfied with the number of Twitter followers you have?

Have you thought that you should be more along the lines of Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber with the number of people that follow them in that social media circle?

Maybe it’s not what you’re saying on Twitter, but how you’re saying it.


Facebook and other social media can make you sick

How often do you check your Twitter feeds or Facebook account?

Do you check it once a day?  A few times a week?  Once or twice a month?

Or are you one of those people ADDICTED TO SOCIAL MEDIA to the point where your phone is in constant danger of running out of battery because you’re continually online and checking in with everyone you’ve ever known?

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Top 9 Brands with the Largest Social Media Market Share

If you’re a brand manager, one goal of your job is to ensure that you have an active Social Media presence.

Some companies do it well.  Some companies do it poorly.  Some companies are non-existent in the social space.   Those that do it well don’t necessarily need any more advice other than to keep doing what’s working.  Those that do it poorly need all the help that they can get.  And those that aren’t participating at all – well, maybe that’s okay for them. It depends on the industry and their products, we suppose.

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Some kids are spoiled rotten. For them, Christmas Sucks

Web Watch loves to participate in any gift-receiving holiday.  Christmas, Easter, Hanukah, Arbor Day – you name it, if we’re pretty much guaranteed of getting a gift, we’ll embrace whatever holiday traditions we need to.

Yeah, getting too much stuff is never boring.   And as we’ve said previously, we had all our holiday shopping done in just a few hours, but we may have missed getting the Ultimate Christmas Gift for those we were handing out presents to.

Of course, if you followed the OFFICIAL WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE RULES, then you know that sometimes you may be the one who brought The Most Coveted Gift Of The Year, or have been left with a zonk.

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How much money do celebrities make per Tweet?

So you’ve been following Web Watch on Twitter, and while scrolling throu our amusing Tweets, you’ve seen a Tweet from a worldwide celebrity talking about their favorite whatever of the day.

And as a consumer of said item, or as a possible advertiser of a similar (but significantly better one), you’ve often wondered what is in it for the celebrity doing the Tweeting?

Well worry no more.