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Video Fun: Something we want to see on America’s Got Talent

Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho

Holy crap.  Watch this.

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Want to own a Reality TV house? Here’s what it will cost you…

Real Housewives of Beverly HillsReal Housewives of Beverly Hills

We all watch a little bit of trashy Reality TV.  In part because we marvel at the extravagant homes and lifestyles these people live.

Who wouldn’t want to be them – sans camera crews – for just a day or two?

Who would want to live in one of those absolutely gorgeous homes?  Well, it turns out that you can, as many of them are available for sale or rent to anyone willing to pony up some cash.

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Year in Review: 2010’s most popular Web Watch articles and searches


Thanks for visiting Web Watch this past year. We thought we’d take a quick look at how 2010 has gone, and share some details on what our visitors were most interested in reading before we dive into 2011:


Survey says Jesus Christ will return in 2050. Also, reality TV is more important than religion

America in 2050
American in 2050

Over 1,500 young adults (age 21-26) in America were recently asked about WHAT THEY EXPECTED TO HAVE HAPPEN BY THE YEAR 2050.

40% of those surveyed said that they expect the second coming of Jesus to occur by 2050.

On the other hand, 31% said that they believe an asteroid will destroy the Earth in the same timeframe.

Some of the other items on the survey include:

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“50 things that every person should learn in life” can be applied to reality TV

Esquire's A Man's Guide to Life: The Rules
Esquire’s A Man’s Guide to Life: The Rules

Esquire’s book, A MAN’S GUIDE TO LIFE is just like THE MODERN MAN’S GUIDE TO LIFE or Denis Boyle‘s A MAN’S LIFE: THE COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS – books filled with rules and helpful instructions to let any man prove that he is, in fact, A Man.  Web Watch highly recommends offering any of these three books to graduating high school seniors (or even as bar mitzvah gifts, since that is when A Boy Becomes a Man).

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Update to our Discovery Channel “Boom de ya da” Post

Earlier this month, Web Watch posted about parodies of the Discovery Channel’s BOOM DE YA DA commercial.

How could we not include THIS TRIBUTE TO WEB COMIC xkcd featuring online favs like Cory Doctorow and Wil Wheaton, which was based on THIS xkcd cartoon, based on the Discovery Channel commercial (shown below).  Whew!

xkcd loves Discovery Channel

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How to win at SURVIVOR or succeed in the real world – it’s all about game theory

Introduction to Game Theory

In a previous post, Web Watch mentioned how GAME THEORY plays an important part in the reality TV show SURVIVOR.

The key to understanding what that means is to know what GAME THEORY is all about.  Luckily, Web Watch has found a way to boil it down into some bite-sized chunks for our faithful Web Watch readers.

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Video Fun: Parodies of Discovery Channel’s “The World is Just Awesome” video (boom-de-ah-da, boom-de-ah-da)

Deadliest Catch Dutch Harbor T-Shirt

If you have watched The Discovery Channel on any regular basis over the past two years, you should have seen their musical promotional video. It’s either called “I Love The World” or “The World is Just Awesome” depending on who you talk to, and is also otherwise known as the “boom-de-ah-da”, “boom-de-yada”, or “boom-de-ya” song, depending on how you interpret the spelling of the refrain).

The clip features scenes from various Discovery Channel shows, such as DEADLIEST CATCH, MYTHBUSTERS, DIRTY JOBS, MAN VS WILD and others, with the stars and guests on the shows lipsyncing the catchy commercial song as they go about their business.

Here’s one of the originals:

And here the Discovery Channel stars themselves sing it live: