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Video Fun: Baby Got Back

Sir Mix-a-Lot’s BABY GOT BACK has inspired a few other people to make their own versions of the song, whether it be a remake of the song itself or a different take on the music video.

Take a look at what I’ve found:


Sir mix a lot-baby got back

BABY GOT BACK, done in the style of GILBERT AND SULLIVAN (Pirates of Penzance version)


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Literal Music Videos

This is what a song would sound like if the lyrics were a literal description of what was going on in the music video itself. You can find more of these over at LITERAL MUSIC VIDEOS.


Take on Me: Literal Video Version – watch more funny videos


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The Evolution of Dance, Part 2

You may not know the name Judson Laipply, but you’d recognize his ORANGE CRUSH t-shirt and crazy dance moves from being one of The Most Watched YouTube Videos EVER, a little ditty called THE EVOLUTION OF DANCE.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

I don’t know if you saw the announcement, but Judson has released THE EVOLUTION OF DANCE 2, with all new songs and new dances.  I personally don’t find it as fresh as the original one was, but I applaud the addition of some moves that deserved to be in the first version.

Music Video

Asher Roth: I Love College

A friend of mine reminded me of this video that I saw a while ago but completely forgot about needing to share as well:  I LOVE COLLEGE by Asher Roth.  So I’ll give the inspiration credit to him, and post the video here anyway:

Some might say that this video is a college fantasy, dreamed up just for the song.  Maybe it all depends on the school you went to, but mine was pretty darn close to this some of the time (or so I heard).

Not all the time, that would just be crazy talk.  

Asher Roth promoted himself really big on MySpace before being discovered.  For once, being Tom’s friend has paid off for someone.

News Video

A Bra for Men – The New Trend in Men’s Underwear

A bra for men has become the hottest selling men’s underwear item on a Japanese online shopping site.

It comes in three colors: black, pink, and white. The reporter’s closing words at the end is pure understatement: “Today, I’m feeling a little awkward because I’m wearing a bra for the first time in my life.” Really? A little awkward?

Funny TV Video

Every Curse Word on HBO’s The Sopranos, ever

Everyone knows that The Sopranos on HBO just wasn’t the same in its censored, rehashed version that was aired on A&E during its so-called “syndication”.

I know that they filmed the series with two scripts specifically for the syndicated market, but the softer censored version just didn’t do the original justice.

So here it is, a 27 minutes-long recap of every swear word used on The Sopranos, shown in chronological order.

the sopranos, uncensored. from victor solomon on Vimeo.


Looks like the original has been taken down.  Try viewing part one, until it too goes away…