Choose better fast-food meal options by not ordering the combo meals

Combo Meal - Meat Shake
Combo Meal – Meat Shake

A study by University of Virginia professor Kathyrn Sharpe in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing entitled “Consumption Effects of Bundling: Consumer Perceptions, Firm Actions, and Public Policy Implications,” says that ordering combo meals may not be good for you, health-wise.

The study found that when given a choice of ordering menu items a la carte vs ordering them as a combo meal, consumers would order the combo more often — even if the price point was exactly the same as the a la carte options.

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Top 10 Business Scams of 2010

Trading Places
Trading Places

The Better Business Bureau in Idaho has released their LIST OF THE TOP SCAMS AND RIPOFFS SEEN IN 2010. Click through the link to see details about each item and what they entail.

The main thing about any of these is that you should always have your common sense on when being introduced to something new.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is something to be a bit skeptical about.

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How to use beads in jars to teach kids the value of working for allowance and saving money

Allowance Jar
Allowance Jar

Web Watch was at a friend’s house the other day when we noticed a lineup of jars along the kitchen counter, each one decorated with one of their children’s names.  Inside the jars were various amounts of glass beads, found at your local arts-and-crafts store.

We had to ask – what’s up with the jars?


Divorce is 38% more likely to occur if the wife earns 60% or more of family’s income

Let's Talk about Divorce
Let’s Talk about Divorce

What’s the first thing you think to yourself whenever you hear the news that a friend of yours is getting a divorce?

Usually, it’s “Why?” 

And it’s not always because you care about the people involved with the marriage — usually it’s just morbid curiousity.  Sometimes the marriage has just run its course and it’s time for both parties to move along to the next phase in their lives.  Sometimes there are personal, philosophical, moral, financial, or other extended circumstances that just make for juicy neighborhood gossip.

Web Watch knows one couple whose marriage was dissolved within 30 days of the wedding. It’s not important that it ended up being the right thing to do for the people involved, that entire event is still a topic of conversation many years later, in part because it’s just a great dramatic (and slightly amusing) story.

Which brings us to another reason why some marriages end in divorce, as seemingly brought up in the news when Sandra Bullock won her Oscar — sometimes men don’t want to be married to women who are more successful than they are.

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Want to make a difference? Try giving panhandlers a Visa or Amex gift card

Tell Them Who I Am
Tell Them Who I Am


Homeless and begging on the street is not a way to go through life.  But sadly, there are millions of people who – for whatever reason – find themselves having to do so.

Some do so willingly, as it is a better way of life than the one they left behind.  Others do it because they have no other choice, and they struggle to scrape enough together to have a meal, a toothbrush, some occasional clean clothes.

One reporter decided to see what the homeless really wanted, if money was seemingly no object.  So they GAVE THE HOMELESS VISA and AMERICAN EXPRESS GIFT CARDS with fixed dollar amounts to spend.  The plan was to offer the gift cards to any panhandler who asked for money, but the promise was to go out any buy only what you need, but to return the card to the reporter within 30 minutes.

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The top 20 cities with highest consumer debt are…

I'm a Debt Collector
I’m a debt collector

Experian has released their list of the 20 CITIES WITH THE HIGHEST AMOUNT OF CONSUMER DEBT per consumer.

If it helps, the nationwide average for debt is $24,775.  Even if you yourself aren’t carrying $25,000 in consumer debt (credit cards, installment loans), it’s possible that your friends and neighbors are the ones bringing your city’s debt load up with them. 

Remember, saving money is just as important to helping keep the economy strong as is being an active credit card user.


How Much Money do Beggars Make?

You drive by them every day:  panhandlers and homeless folk, standing at the highway exit with a sign and a hand, asking for any spare change that you may be willing to share.

And while the job may have its hazards (bad weather, car fumes, the continual parade of rude people, no bathroom facilities), there are some PEOPLE WHO MAKE $50,000 A YEAR OR MORE BY PANHANDLING.