How much does an eSports player earn?

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eSports is turning into a big business these days.

So how much money can a professional eSports video game player earn as a career?  Let’s take a look at what the ATLANTA HAWKS ARE PAYING THEIR eSPORTS PLAYERS in the newly purchased NBA2K league team that they’re fielding:

Each 2K team consists of six players (one being a sub), with six-month salaries that range from $32,000-$35,000 salary. Players can also earn money from endorsements, meaning the top gamers likely earned six-figure incomes in their first year. The Hawks will also pay for housing, relocation, medical insurance and a retirement plan. Professionals in the Overwatch League, receive similar perks plus a $50,000 minimum base salary during the season.

So if parents are concerned about the viability of their children becoming professional video game players, they probably shouldn’t worry. Heathcare and retirement benefits? COUNT US IN!


Where can I find personalized cat sneakers?

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Have you ever wanted to take your cat with you everywhere you go?

Now you can, with these PERSONALIZED CAT SNEAKERS

Just send in a photo of your cat and any other details that you want printed on your shoe, and in just a few short weeks you’ll be the proud owner of a pair of kicks with your favorite tabby looking back at you.


How to date someone who is out of your league

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Everyone is always looking to date someone that is smarter, richer, better looking than themselves in order to up their own self-esteem or impressions from others.

It’s called DATING OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE, and there’s a study that talks about how we all are aware of that hierarchy.

Here’s the details from that study:

  • People tend to date folks who are “about 25% more desireable” than themselves
  • Men can expect replies on messages sent out on dating apps about 20% of the time
  • Women with post-graduate degrees are less desirable than women with undergrad degrees

But here’s the main takeaway that we all should pay attention to:

  • A woman’s average desirability begins to drop from the time she’s 18 years old.
  • A man’s average desirability peaks around 50 years old.

How to play sports naked

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According to a CNN article, there’s an AUSTRALIAN NUDE GOLF group that rents out a golf course once a year to play.

They typically don’t have an issue playing golf naked (except for that one guy who chose to carry his clubs rather than use a cart. But we digress.

The biggest revelation in this story about naked golfers is buried deep in the story content: if you’re going to row across the ocean, you’ll want to pack light – “rowing naked” is the name of the game around those parts:

One all female crew discovered that the secret to ease the physical burden of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean was to do it naked.

Skipper of the Row for Freedom team Debbie Beadletold CNN Sport that sea water seeping inside your clothes increases the friction against your skin, causing sores but rowing naked gives you the ability to dry quicker, instead of having wet clothes.


How do Ouija boards work?

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Have you ever wondered how a Ouija board works?

Well, scientists have finally done the research and determined exactly where those ghostly spirits come from — and the answer is obvious: they’re coming from inside the house!

They used eye tracking devices to study how people using the Ouija board move their hands. When people have their eyes open, they’ve noticed that people tend to look ahead at what the next letter to be pointed to happens to be. Easy-peasy.

But when people are blindfolded and can’t indicate in advance where the point will go, it ends up being a collective “group think” mentality that ultimately moves the pointer around the board.

You’ll have to read the article for the more technical details, but let’s just say that they didn’t actually say there WEREN’T ghostly spirits guiding the pointer around…

How many vegans are there?

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You know the old joke – how can you tell if somebody is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 5% of Americans are vegetarians, and just 3% of Americans say they’re vegan.

These percentages really haven’t changed that much since Gallup started conducting their Veganism and Vegetarianism survey in 1999.

Interesting that those who earn less than $30,000 a year are more likely to be vegetarians than those in higher tax brackets.

What was the first music video aired on MTV?

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By now, everybody knows that the first music video played on MTV was VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR. Yeah, yeah – how ironic.

BUT… do you know what the SECOND video to play on MTV was?

It was Pat Benatar’s YOU BETTER RUN.

That was quickly followed by the rest of the FIRST 25 VIDEOS TO PLAY ON MTV: (here’s just a few, in no order…)

  • Rod Stewart: She won’t dance with me
  • The Who: you better you bet
  • PH.D. : Little Suzi’s on the Up
  • Cliff Richard: We don’t talk anymore
  • The Pretenders: Brass in Pocket
  • Styx: Rocking the Paradise
  • Phil Collins: In the Air Tonight
  • Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty: Stop draggin my heart around
  • and… ROD STEWART, AGAIN????? — MTV played two Rod Stewart songs in the first 25 videos. Kinda gives you an idea of what life was like in the early eighties…

What children want in the ideal home

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Never ask a 6-year-old what they’d like in their ideal home. It will make you sad that you never followed your own dream when you purchased or built your first house.

According to a SURVEY ABOUT WHAT CHILDREN WOULD LIKE in their house, a whopping 74% said that they want their dream home to have a swimming pool.

Also on the list were bowling alleys, helipads, a giant slide, and a “ball room”.

The survey did not indicate if the ball room was a place to dance or a room filled with balls, like the ball pit at the local fast food restaurant.


Your phone is hurting your dating life

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iPhone? Android? Jitterbug?

You should be careful about which phone you choose, as that choice could decide who you end up dating.

According to DECLUTTR, 70% of people would rather date someone with an iPhone over someone with an Android device.

Women will avoid someone with an older phone model. And if you have a cracked screen, you better get that fixed before going on a date — 1/3 of people thought it reflected poorly on their companion.

Playboy’s Top Party Schools 2015

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Playboy Magazine continues their tradition of evaluating today’s collegiate lifestyle culture and selecting those colleges that they feel are the ULTIMATE PARTY SCHOOLS for 2015.

And that’s why Web Watch feels that we should also continue OUR tradition of sharing these 2015 PARTY SCHOOLS with you, since we’ve been covering this very important topic for more than a decade now. Continue reading PLAYBOY’S TOP PARTY SCHOOLS 2015

Web Watch is going on Haitus

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Well, it’s been 20 years since Web Watch started sharing various things found around the Internet with you, and it’s time to take a small vacation.

Over the years, we’ve shared thousands upon thousands of links with you, whether it be wacky websites, interesting news stories, fun videos, or other ways to spark a conversation with your friends, co-workers, family, and strangers. A rough guess shows we’ve shared around 20,000 links with you over the years, more or less.

Web Watch isn’t going away, but we won’t be posting updates nearly as often or regularly as we have been over the past two decades.  Feel free to browse the Web Watch archives, stay subscribed to the WEB WATCH RSS, and stay tuned to the WEB WATCH TWITTER FEED, where you may see random updates of things we feel like sharing with you as time marches along.

So whether it be a few days, weeks, or months until our paths cross again – this isn’t good-bye, but we’ll see you again soon.

The Most Popular Words of the Year

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♥ was the most popular word of 2014.

Most Popular Emojis
Most Popular Emojis

The most POPULAR brand in the world is…

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Every year, the ACSI (AMERICAN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INDEX) publishes their list of the most SATISFYING and LEAST satisfying companies out there.

Let’s just say that folks are generally pleased with their food, and not very happy with any product or company that requires any level of CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I Put Ketchup On My Ketchup
I Put Ketchup On My Ketchup

It’s true! Men really ARE stupider than women!

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It’s an old TV sitcom trope, that the family is headed up by a smart mother and a doofus dad who always does doofus things.

While TV writers do this for laughs, maybe their main purpose of this isn’t really because it’s funny if dad is an idiot – maybe TV is just a reflection on life itself. Continue reading IT’S TRUE! MEN REALLY ARE STUPIDER THAN WOMEN!

The type of dog you own can indicate whether you’re prone to cheating on your spouse

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Given the plethora of cheaters out there, there have to be some outside indicators that could predict whether the person you’re dating or married to is more inclined to cheat on you or not.

It turns out there is:

Dogs Playing Poker
Dogs Playing Poker