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Women prefer to make purchases based on charitable giving

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Yoplait Yogurt

A recent survey from M/A/R/C Research and The Integer Group discovered that women are very particular about the brands that they buy at the grocery store.

And it has absolutely nothing to do with whether those products are superior in Web Watch’s opinion (the infamous “Heinz vs Hunts ketchup debate” lingers on, folks) or not.

What the survey uncovered was that 43% of women prefer to purchase brands that are associated with charitable giving. Continue reading WOMEN PREFER TO MAKE PURCHASES BASED ON CHARITABLE GIVING

46% of people surveyed will spend time working while on vacation

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Working for Vacation

46% of people surveyed will spend part of their vacation time doing work instead of actually enjoying their time off.

Web Watch knows how they feel – during one Vegas vacation, we spent two days in the hotel room overlooking the Bellagio fountains, compiling a PowerPoint presentation for our boss who didn’t understand the meaning of “hey, just because we brought a laptop with us doesn’t mean that we’re available to you 24 hours a day…. especially while we’re in Vegas.” Continue reading 46% OF PEOPLE SURVEYED WILL SPEND TIME WORKING WHILE ON VACATION

Video Fun: Britain’s Got Talent’s BRETT DOMINO TRIO

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If you’re one of the millions of people watching AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (and let’s face it, you don’t get to be the number one TV program by not having millions of people watching), then you’ll know that AGT is a little lame compared to it’s older sibling BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT.

BGT has given us Susan Boyle, among other talented artists.  Overall, BGT is just more… fun… than what we get here in the States.

So here’s a little video fun from a former BGT contestant BRETT DOMINO.  Sometimes he performs as a duo, sometimes as a trio.  The important thing is that he owns a keytar and isn’t afraid to use it.

Let’s take a look: Continue reading VIDEO FUN: BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT’S BRETT DOMINO TRIO

The Airline Passenger’s Bill of Rights

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The Air Traveler's Survival Guide: The Plane Truth From 35,000 Feet
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Web Watch loves to travel, but we hate having to share our travelling space with strangers who don’t understand the RULES OF TRAVELLING.

It can be the basics – such as “don’t touch our luggage at baggage claim”, or “don’t hog all the electrical outlets at the airport”.

But it can also be the more courteous items, such as “don’t power-lean your airplane seat back onto our laptop so it cracks the screen.”  Yes, this has happened to us, and the airline says that there’s nothing they can do as it wasn’t their fault for the other passenger’s stupidity, negligence, and overall inconsideration.

There’s a reason why a product like KNEE DEFENDERS exists – it’s not to be rude to our fellow passengers by preventing them from relaxing, but it’s to protect our fellow passengers from pissing us off.  It ends up being a much more pleasant travelling experience for all involved when these are in play.


Do you think your man has an STD? It’s probably one of these…

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Home HIV Testing Kit

Does your man have an STD?

Chances are, if he lives in certain Southern states, the answer is likely to be “yes”.

For three major types of STDs, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea, here are the STATES WITH THE HIGHEST REPORTED CASES OF STDs: Continue reading DO YOU THINK YOUR MAN HAS AN STD? IT’S PROBABLY ONE OF THESE…

The 10 most common ingredients in Fast Food

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Fast Food Panic
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When you order a fast-food combo meal, like Web Watch did today, you’re not just getting a burger and fries – that is, a meal made solely of meat, bun, ketchup, pickles, cheese, potatoes, some salt and oil.

No, you’re getting quite a few more ingredients thrown into the mix.  That bun?  Probably has some sugar in it.  Those fries? Maybe some extra starch was sprayed on them before cooking. Continue reading THE 10 MOST COMMON INGREDIENTS IN FAST FOOD

Girls should avoid the playground see-saw

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4-person See-SawBuy a FOUR PERSON SEE-SAW

Children of all ages have been getting injured at the playground for years.

It really should come as no surprise that parents are always looking for the safest type of playground for their kids to play at, but those parents are always coming up short.

Playgrounds, just by their very nature, are just waiting for accidents to occur, no matter how safe they appear to be.


Real-Life Disney Princesses at 2011 Comic-Con

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Sexy Tinkerbelle Costume

Previously, Web Watch has shared with you about REAL LIFE DISNEY PRINCESSES that attend San Diego’s famed COMIC CON.

This year is no exception.

We’ll be posting photos of this year’s sexy Disney Princesses in Real Life here.  Bookmark this page for updates: Continue reading REAL-LIFE DISNEY PRINCESSES AT 2011 COMIC-CON

The secret to having a hit record is all about “Treating the radio guys nice.”

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Hey Mr DJ I Thought You Said We Had a Deal by They Might Be Giants
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Rock band THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS wrote a song all about what it allegedly took to get a song on the radio, aptly entitled Hey Mr DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal.  In it, the lyrics read, in part:

I struck a bargain with my radio DJ
I said I’d like this song to be number one
He said I’d really really like to help you my son
And then I knew that I would have him to thank
Because he asked me how much I had in the bank

He said the record wouldn’t have to be hot
And no one ever seemed to care if it’s not
It would depend on something else that I’ve got

Hey Mr. DJ, I thought you said we had a deal
I thought you said, You scratch my back and I’ll scratch your record
And I thought you said we had a deal

And while it may appear that TMBG is talking about PAYOLA — paying money to a DJ to get a song on the airwaves — what they could be talking about is just THE BUSINESS OF MAKING MUSIC. Continue reading THE SECRET TO HAVING A HIT RECORD IS ALL ABOUT “TREATING THE RADIO GUYS NICE.”

Possible takeover target TiVo has awesome customer service (not to mention easy TiVo upgrades)

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TiVo Premiere XL

TiVo has been taking it on the chin lately.

The recent blog post in the New York Times entitled TiVO, Nice Service if You Can Get It, is the typical drivel written by somebody who hasn’t taken the time to properly research and use the product they’re talking about. 

As an example – the writer, Joshua Brustein, says that TiVo has an expensive fee of $19.99/month.  He doesn’t mention that you could purchase a lifetime subscription for $499.  If you’re planning on keeping your TiVo for longer than 24 months, the lifetime subscription is the way to go.  (Web Watch won’t mention the number of deals that are on the TiVo website that may lower the overall cost even further.)

The article goes on, with the writer’s cable company trying to pimp their own DVR over a TiVo — hey, that happens. Same thing with the account of what he went through to get a cable card, involving multiple trips, phone calls, and a service tech who never showed up.    Obviously not an issue with TiVo, but with the cable company the writer is using.  For our TiVo service, Web Watch drove over to our local Cable Shoppe and picked up the cable cards directly.  Installed them into our new TiVo ourselves, and were up and running in just about an hour or so.

Obviously each user’s experience is going to be different, but none of what the writer included in his article is specific to problems with TiVo. Continue reading POSSIBLE TAKEOVER TARGET TIVO HAS AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE (NOT TO MENTION EASY TIVO UPGRADES)

Announcing the 2011 Xtreme Eating Awards – the 8 highest calorie restaurant menu items

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Rachel Ray - Eat Healthy Without Going to Extremes
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For the past few years, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has been monitoring what restaurants have been serving, as a way to inform the public about the horrors that await them when eating wonderful, delicious restaurant food.

Web Watch, like you, loves cheese.

We apparently didn’t know that adding cheese to any meal is typically a no-no when it comes to eliminating fat and calories from one’s diet.   So we’re torn – cheese tastes good, but it’s bad for you. 

Oh well – maybe we’ll just have one or two small bites, then set the rest of these phenomenally sounding meals away to snack on later.  Can’t let all that cheese go to waist, can we?  (See what we did there?  Looks like we mispelled “waste” as “waist”.  Ha!)


Women of the world – a better pee solution for you!

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No Boys Allowed - 2 Girls Using the Men's Room
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It’s a common sight at concerts, festivals, or other public events — long lines at the women’s bathroom.

Yeah, we know – women take longer in the restroom than men do.  Bathroom equality in new buildings, and all that.

Web Watch remembers one Jimmy Buffett concert where the entire backside of the bathroom building had been co-opted by girls who were just looking for a place to pop a squat.  They didn’t care that they were peeing in full view of drunk Buffett fans — they were just happy that they had a place to go.

Seeing a lineup of 30 girls all peeing against the side of a cinderblock wall is quite a site.  Power in numbers, indeed.


Fast-Food Ballpits are Filled with Poo. (Be sure to clean your balls!)

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Fun Ballz
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In case you didn’t know, children’s playgrounds are dirty, filthy places.

It doesn’t really matter what type of playground you’re talking about.  Playgrounds at schoolyards and parks are often found scattered with broken bottles and used condoms.   Playgrounds at McDonald’s and Chuck E Cheese are covered in germs.

Some parents consider the ingestion of some germs as a healthy habit for their kids, in order to help build up immunities. Continue reading FAST-FOOD BALLPITS ARE FILLED WITH POO. (BE SURE TO CLEAN YOUR BALLS!)

Take the NAME THE FILM Challenge

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Cutting Edge - The Magic of Movie Editing
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Movie editing is not necessarily easy.

The director has a specific vision, and the film editor has to make the shots come to life.

And if you’re any type of a movie fan, you already can quote all your favorite films.  And even if they’re not your favorite films, you may at least have a memory of those indelible lines.  Web Watch, for instance, has never seen THE GODFATHER in its entirety (yeah, we know – we’ll get to it eventually).  But we do know quite a few of the lines from the film. Continue reading TAKE THE NAME THE FILM CHALLENGE

PSA for the ladies in time for Comic-Con: Please stop wearing the Princess Leia Slave costume

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Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume
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This week at Comic-Con 2011, news organizations are likely to focus – at one time or another – on the cosplay phenomenon…. especially with what the ladies wear.

Women are using ComicCon as an opportunity to wear their “Sexy Halloween Costumes” more than once a year, especially if their costume of choice involves any type of sexy television character, sexy cartoon character, sexy literary character, sexy sci-fi character, or any other appropriate costume that can have “sexy” put in front of it. Continue reading PSA FOR THE LADIES IN TIME FOR COMIC-CON: PLEASE STOP WEARING THE PRINCESS LEIA SLAVE COSTUME