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WrongCards: postcards for when you don’t care what you send

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Wrong Cards funny postcards
WrongCards: Pack of Funny Postcards

With the Internet making it easy to send e-cards to one another, the greeting card and postcard industry really has taken a financial hit.

Sure, nothing beats a well-written card, hand-selected at the local Walgreens or Target with a pithy note placed inside. Something that you can mail or hand-deliver to the desired recipient to let them know you’re thinking of them.


11 ways to enjoy bicycling with your dog

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Dog on a Bicycle
Dog on a bike

Web Watch has many friends who are avid bicyclists.  They’ll ride their bikes every chance they get, and have even gone on month-long bicycle excursions across the country and around the world.

And why not?  They’re young, they’re healthy, and they follow the rules of the road – even stopping at traffic lights and stop signs like they’re supposed to so they don’t get hit by cross-traffic.

But the one thing these friends lament is that they can’t take their beloved doggie with them on these long bike rides. Continue reading 11 WAYS TO ENJOY BICYCLING WITH YOUR DOG

Still looking for a job? Leave Nevada and head to Texas

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America's Greatest Places to Work with a Law Degree & How to Make the Most of Any Job, No Matter Where It Is
America’s Greatest Places to Work with a Law Degree &
How to Make the Most of Any Job, No Matter Where It Is

If you’ve been out of work for any length of time during this recession, you may want to consider that the issue with your lack of good job prospects may not have anything to do with WHAT you want to do, but rather WHERE you’re trying to work.


The 15 Biggest Box Office Bombs

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Box Office Bomb
Box Office Bomb

We’ve all seen films that, for various reasons, we thought kinda stunk.

Still, many of these so-called bad films still did fairly well at the box office – and in Hollywood, doing well at the box office tends to erase any memories of a film’s actual quality.

But what about the films that did poorly at the box office?  By now, you’ve probably heard about the film ZYZZYX ROAD that infamously only made $30 total at the box office.

As you’ll see by this list of THE TOP 15 BIGGEST BOX OFFICE BOMBS, making just $30 is sometimes all you need to be considered a hit – click the link for the financial details: Continue reading THE 15 BIGGEST BOX OFFICE BOMBS

9 Things not to spend money on when you retire

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How to Stretch Your Retirement Dollar (A Practical Guide to Getting More Life Out of Your Money)
How to Stretch Your Retirement Dollar
(A Practical Guide to Getting More Life Out of Your Money)

How much money do you have saved for retirement?

More specifically, how much money do you think you’ll need to live comfortably when you retire?

Obviously, the answer to the second question revolves around a complicated set of formulas based on how long you think you’re going to live and when you’re planning to retire.  Where you’re going to live.  Whether you are concerned about just your own expenses or if you’re supporting others (or having children take care of you).

Some experts have said that you should try living on just 25% of your current salary for a year, just to see if you could afford retirement spending in your current mindset.  If not, maybe you need to adjust your retirement plan a little bit. Continue reading 9 THINGS NOT TO SPEND MONEY ON WHEN YOU RETIRE

Prom on a budget: tips for a cheap date

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Strapless Prom Dress
Strapless Prom Dress

It’s that time of year again, when young men and women hit their parents up for more money to pay for a prom night that will end up costing more than the parents’ wedding did 18 years earlier.

And prom night isn’t getting any cheaper as the years go on.  That’s why DealTaker has come up these TIPS FOR HAVING A LESS-EXPENSIVE PROM NIGHT: Continue reading PROM ON A BUDGET: TIPS FOR A CHEAP DATE

Science proves why people are afraid of clowns

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Evil Clown
Evil Clown

Yes, many people are afraid of clowns.  They call it “COULROPHOBIA”

Even mentioning the word “clown” can bring some people to tears, as if they’re being tortured by a clown.

An aside — if you have the chance to see Bruce Nauman’s art piece CLOWN TORTURE, do it.  After a while, you’ll be asking yourself, “are the clowns being tortured, or are we being tortured by these clowns?” – just like these three clowns said when they were asked to view the art piece themselves.

Or, like TOO MUCH JOY said in their hit, CLOWNS:  “I hate clowns… and I hate mimes”.

Yeah, clowns can be a little polarizing. Continue reading SCIENCE PROVES WHY PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF CLOWNS

How much money is Rebecca Black making on YouTube?

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YouTube: An Insider's Guide to Climbing the Charts
YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts

How much money is Rebecca Black making with her YouTube video FRIDAY?  That seems to be the question on everybody’s mind these days, regardless of what they think about the quality of her song.

As WEB WATCH COVERED PREVIOUSLY, YouTube videos can make hundreds of thousands of dollars for their owners.

So when we see reports that Friday has only earned around $45,000 so far, Web Watch begins to question who is right when it comes to calculating payouts and royalty checks for viral YouTube videos.   So let’s take a look at this again, shall we?


Should your tween wear a push-up bikini top?

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Borat Mankini - Bikini for Men
Borat Mankini – Bikini for Men

So the other day, Web Watch asked if you would let your pre-teen daughter wear a padded bra.

Little did we know that this was going to turn into a much larger issue.



Solar power will rule the world in 16 years

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Ray Kurzweil - The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence
Ray Kurzweil – The Age of Spiritual Machines:
When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence

Ray Kurzweil is a very bright, inventive person.  Forbes magazine, for example, calls him the “ultimate thinking machine” and “the rightful heir to Thomas Edison”.  Among his accomplishments is the flatbed scanner, text-to-speech reading machine for the blind, and a music synthesizer.  He was inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 2002.

So yeah, when Ray Kurzweil says stuff – people tend to pay attention. Continue reading SOLAR POWER WILL RULE THE WORLD IN 16 YEARS

Should lingerie companies make padded bras for 8-year-olds?

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Child-size Coconut Bra
Child-sized Coconut Bra

If you are a parent of a young girl, you should know that some clothing manufacturers are looking to have your children grow up faster than you may want them to.

According to the Daily Mail, a discount clothing company is SELLING PADDED BRAS FOR CHILDREN. Continue reading SHOULD LINGERIE COMPANIES MAKE PADDED BRAS FOR 8-YEAR-OLDS?

What does “Community Service Barbie” and “Girls Gone Wild Xmas” have in common

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Chuck E Cheese Playroom
Chuck E Cheese Playroom

Web Watch will ask again: What do “Community Service Barbie” and “Girls Gone Wild Christmas” have in common? Continue reading WHAT DOES “COMMUNITY SERVICE BARBIE” AND “GIRLS GONE WILD XMAS” HAVE IN COMMON

The Top Ten Cities to Find Datable Nerds

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01 Lesson: Beautiful Women Prefer Nerds! a Real Man's Guide on How to Find, Date, and Romance the Perfect Woman
01 Lesson: Beautiful Women Prefer Nerds!
a Real Man’s Guide on How to Find, Date, and Romance the Perfect Woman

Some women are not superficial.  They look beyond the initial image a potential date puts out, and see the beauty inside.

Seriously – how many fugly guys do you see that are involved in some relationship or other out there?  That’s exactly our point – there’s SOMEone out there for EVERYone.

And aside from the traditional lack of good looks, smart kids (also known as nerds) are often left behind in the dating scene.


Today’s swag: a “make your own” Disney animation desk kit

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Learn to Draw Tigger
Learn to Draw Tigger

If you’ve ever wanted to work in the animation industry, whether it be for Disney or other cartoon-oriented companies, getting your own animation desk is almost always the first thing on an aspiring artist’s wish list.

While it’s not a usable version, you may want to check out this piece of swag sent to Web Watch from the fine folks at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Disney Animation Desk model assembled
Disney animator’s desk, assembled

Sure, it might be made of cardstock, but it’s the perfect item to assemble and use as inspiration while you work hard and try to achieve your dream job.

Disney Animation Desk model sheet
Walt Disney Animation Studios Desk model sheet

The text on the sheet reads:


From pencils to pixels, and digits to digital, we celebrate our pioneers, artists, and storytellers, and look ahead to a rich slate of exciting new projects covering a wide spectrum of styles and subjects.  The Disney drawing desk has been the starting point for some of our greatest stories, worlds and characters.  This model symbolizes our proud heritage, and marks the Studio’s continued goal of telling great stories using a wide range of styles and techniques

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

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Cruel Shoes
Cruel Shoes

Steve Martin said it many years ago in his book of essays, Cruel Shoes.

Women love shoes.  Even shoes that are so awful that they mangle their feet. Continue reading HOW MANY PAIRS OF SHOES DO YOU OWN?