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Twelve signs your bra is trying to kill you

Do you suffer from any health conditions that you can’t explain?

Have you tried absolutely everything that’s available over-the-counter, to no avail?

Perhaps, Web Watch reader, the issue isn’t something that can be solved with a Little Yellow Pill, but rather by changing your underwear.


Closing the barn door causes 1/5 of all injuries

Women will never understand the shrieks of pain that men felt while watching the FRANK AND BEANS, BEANS AND FRANKS scene in THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY.

For Ben Stiller, having to act as if his junk was caught in his zipper was probably just 10% acting, and 90% muscle memory from the last time it actually happened to him.

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Five items men should never wear, ever again

Take a good, long look at your closet, gentlemen.

Are there things there that you’re holding onto, just in case you may need it one day?

Old Halloween outfits, sports jerseys from old softball teams you played on?  Concert t-shirts for bands that have since broken up, that you can wear un-ironically for those jaunts to hipsterville?

You know we’re judging you when you wear that shirt from the 1996 Olympics.  We’re all wondering why you’re wearing a shirt (a t-shirt, at that) that’s over 15 years old.  We get it. You were there.  15 years is a long time to keep a t-shirt around; maybe it’s time for you to clear your closet out of some of that crap.   Besides, how many of those shirts do you really need?

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What’s more practical than a Star Wars Princess Leia Bikini?

We’re now deep into New Year’s Resolution time, with the most popular resolution being “to lose weight”.

And what better way to motivate your man (or your woman) than encouraging with a “if you meet your goal, I’ll / You’ll wear THIS” reward?

Hey, for the movie nerd in your life, that’s the best kind of motivation there is!  It’s all about gamification.


Trending: Brides prefer cotton over silk

It’s June, which means that every young woman’s heart turns to marriage.  And more importantly, weddings.

There’s nothing more special than a June bride (says everyone who has been a June bride).  That walk down the aisle, when the entire wedding party turns to look at you in your radiant white dress.  The music swells, the tissues come out…

All that pomp and circumstance for what?  Just to be able to wear one dress for one time, and then to put it away in a dress bag to hang in the back of your closet until you finally decide to throw that thing out.

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Want to save the environment? Use a “pee rag”

Environmentalists are always looking for ways to save the planet.

Did you know that one of the biggest offenders for this earth’s destruction is our over-reliance on toilet paper?

Chances are, you’re not a “can you spare a square” kind of person.  You’re more of a “let’s wrap our hand up a few layers, and then add a few more layers on for protection” sort.  We know you.  You’re the one who can go through one of those Ultra-Large rolls in three days, just because you can.

And then you have the gall to continually complain about the lack of flushing power in your toilet tank.

And don’t get us started on whether you use your hand to wipe or not when we’ve seen THIS hanging around your bathroom.

Hey buddy – it’s not the toilet that’s the problem.  You’re throwing too much crap into the crapper.

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What’s a BOC? If it’s from WOOT, it’s either a Bucket of Chum or Basket of Candles!

Well, another one has finally arrived.

The WOOT.COM BOC (affectionately known as a “Bag of Crap”, or any other acronym that contains the letters “B.O.C.”) is here.

As Web Watch previously told you about when we ordered our WOOT BANDOLIER OF CARROTS, WOOT.COM occasionally offers grab bags of assorted merchandise for $3 (plus $5 shipping and handling).  When you place your order, you have no idea what you’re going to get.

Just like the TV show LET’S MAKE A DEAL, sometimes you’ll end up with the most awesome prize ever, or you might get zonked.

Let’s take a look at what Web Watch hauled in this time around for our $8 investment:

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The 10 Worst Job Uniforms for All Time

Some offices let their workers enjoy “casual Fridays”, where employees can trade in their khakis and button-down shirts for Levis and polo shirts.

Web Watch knows of one company where they require the staff to wear suits to work once a month (every other day is a “business casual” environment).

And don’t get Web Watch started on those companies we’ve visited where some women feel that flip-flops are appropriate for the office.  We already know that shouldn’t be allowed, no matter what organization you’re in.